What exactly am I buying?
A purchase of a celebrity PHOTO OP gives you an 8 by 10 full color photo of yourself with the celebrity. In order to avoid any patron being upset we like to point out that you are not buying a "conversation" with the celebrity. On rare occasion a patron will be upset that we must keep the line moving, however please know that our celebrities need to also do their on-stage presentations and sign autographs, generally all in the same day, and they often need to catch a plane or make another engagement. The PHOTO OP lasts less than 15 seconds.

Do I have to have a ticket to the convention to get a PHOTO OP?
Yes, it is necessary to be attending the convention both to get your photo ops taken and picked up (if they are printed for dispersal at the convention).

Are PHOTO OPS included in any convention ticket packages?
No, Photo Ops are not included in any convention ticket package and must be purchased separately. Autographs, however, are often included in convention ticket packages. Please check the details of the particular convention ticket package you are purchasing for autographing details.

How many fans can be in one picture?
At the request of many of our celebrities we are limit the amount of patrons in a picture with a celebrity to TWO PATRONS. Please note: we do know that at some of our long-standing conventions (i.e. Farscape/Stargate) there are special "groups" that take shots with a celebrity each year. We are willing to still accommodate these requests after June 1, 2008 but only if the celebrity(s) agree and only with advance request made to

How many copies can I get of my PHOTO OP?
We can only supply ONE photo, no matter how many fans are in the picture. You are free to order as many photo ops with the same celebrity as you wish.

How are PHOTO OP tickets sent to me?
Unlike all other tickets, PHOTO OP tickets are e-mailed to you prior to the convention (about a week before). It is especially important that you make sure that your e-mail system is set to accept messages from addresses. AOL subscribers need to pay special attention to this: Please make sure your spam filter allows messages from so you can receive your e-mails described above. If you purchased photo ops from us and didn't receive the e-mail described above by Wednesday prior to the convention please check your deleted spam file.

When are PHOTO OP tickets sent to me?
PHOTO OP tickets for our conventions are generally e-mailed by the Tuesday of the week of the convention. Please make sure your e-mail system can accept e-mails from addresses. Putting in your computer address book will help ensure your photo op ticket gets to your inbox.

What if I ordered a PHOTO OP ticket and I didn't get an e-mail before I left?
First, it is imperative that you make sure your credit card was charged for this item. Sometimes fans will mistakenly believe they ordered photo ops when they didn't, or perhaps their order did not go through. If your credit card was charged, a copy of this listing on your statement, is always the best proof of purchase to bring to the convention. If your card was indeed charged and you did not receive your PHOTO OP e-mail, please check your spam file. If it is not in your spam file, then you should print our your credit card statement and bring it with you to the PHOTO OP session, and/or contact

How will I receive my PHOTO OPS?
Photos are generally available either late in the day or the following day of the convention. If your photos were taken Sunday and are not scheduled to be delivered back to the convention before you leave, please see below (note that ANY photos not picked up at the convention are available in the below way).

For photo ops not available or picked up the convention, Creation will post within 2 weeks of the event all the remaining photo ops on a page within (Please be patient if we are in our "summer rush".) The address (URL) of the photo op claiming page will be announced at the convention and when the site is ready, the link will also appear at our site at our photo ops pick up page CLICK HERE. You will be able to claim your photo(s) and we will carefully protect and mail your photo to you within 2-3 weeks at our expense.

I heard that I can give gifts to the celebrity at the PHOTO OP sessions?
Due to security considerations and guest concerns we can no longer facilitate the giving of gifts to guests at the photo op sessions. However, we will be happy to accept gifts for our celebrity guests after 3pm daily at registration and we will gather the gifts and make sure the guests get them. Please note that because guests usually travel by plane they are unable to take gifts home with them. As an FYI, in our long experience, the vast majority of celebrities do not take their gifts with them, nor do they ask for them to be sent. This is not meant to single out any specific guest or stars of any specific film or TV series, it is just a fact of the celebrity world that we wish to pass on because we know how much time and effort goes into gift-giving by fans to their favorite celebrities.

Okay, I've bought a PHOTO OP TICKET, where do I show up for it?
The schedule of events for each convention is posted at the website by Wednesday of the week of the convention. PHOTO OPS are included in the schedule. Sometimes PHOTO OPS take place when other activities are taking place at the convention, so please do not miss your place! PHOTO OPS move quickly and we ask, unless otherwise notified, that you show up 5 minutes prior to the PHOTO OP scheduled time.

Will PHOTO OP TICKETS be on sale at the convention?
Unless sold out, yes. Sometimes the price will be slightly higher than the price in advance.

What should I wear?
Your photo will no doubt be highly prized and saved for years, so we suggest giving some thought to your wardrobe. White does not photograph well.

What if I'm not pleased with the photo?
Because of the quantity of photo opportunities taken at any convention there exists the very small possibility that your photo might be blurred (usually because of movement during the shoot). This occurs in less than 1% of all photo ops taken at Creation events, but we do ask you to remember to remain still during your "opportunity". In case your photo is blurred Creation will offer a refund or credit.

I still have more questions?
Questions not addressed here can be directed to:

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